Number Translation Services: Dynamic Call Routing

Dynamic routing uses diverse routing rules, routing calls dependent upon criteria that change dynamically within the network.

We designed our effECTive® Interactive Routing for customers who want to be able to configure sophisticated call routing based on any combination of rules. These not only include static elements such as time-of-day, percentage allocation, interactive voice response with menus and database queries, but also dynamic elements such as skill-based routing and queuing.

effECTive® Interactive Routing is a browser-based application and therefore does not require the installation of software on your customer's PC. It includes a large number of configurable rules in the form of icons. Although each icon represents an easily configurable routing rule or option, your customer can combine them freely to create highly customized call flows. There is no fixed order for call processing; customers can define the service logic themselves and apply rules in the order they prefer.

effECTive® Interactive Routing can include complete interactive voice response with freely definable menus and allows the upload of announcements and/or the use of text-to-speech, data input via DTMF and/or speech recognition, call recording, time-based routing, origin-based routing, percentage allocation, static and dynamic blacklists and white lists, the use of variables for dynamic queries during the call flow and much more.


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Dynamic Call Routing
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