Network-Based Contact Center

Intelligent call processing for contact centers was traditionally provided by vendors of enterprise solutions. Such equipment incurred not only capital expenditures (CAPEX) for the purchase, but also operational expenditures (OPEX) for the configuration, programming and maintenance. In addition, the solution had to be scaled to cover even the highest traffic peaks, resulting in expensive, wasted capacity during normal business.


Our Network-Based Contact Center provides the same intelligent features as an enterprise solution but with one major advantage: your customer purchases a contact center on demand with only the required features. More can be added when they are needed, over the cloud. Also, as we use a server farm principle, capacity can simply be added by adding additional servers. The call center configures and uses the features from the browser of a PC and can integrate existing databases. In many cases, we have also integrated existing enterprise solutions.


By replacing the high CAPEX and OPEX that would have been required to realize the same features and capacity via equipment at the contact center premises, you can ask a good margin for this added value and still present your customer with a convincing business case. At a time when Number Translation Services have long become a commodity, that's a major plus for business.


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These are just some of the intelligent contact center features your customers could use in your network based on our effECTive® Network-Based Contact Center:













Network-Based <br>Contact Center
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