Network-based Automatic Call Distribution

A traditional contact center realizes its Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) via equipment located at its premises. Carriers route calls to contact center locations with little or no intelligent distribution and then the on-premises ACD handles queues, peaks, overload, quality control, incoming call monitoring, etc. Incoming calls are routed to agents on site or via a second call to off-site agents.


With network-based Automatic Call Distribution your customer can easily configure his call distribution via a PC browser. Your customer has at his disposal the same distribution features generally available from enterprise equipment and can respond immediately to any given situation, securing the shortest caller waiting time, routing calls to agents based on their skills, limiting calls to different centers based on their available capacity, etc.


Network-based ACD also includes unified and dynamic queuing that, for instance, allows callers to decide themselves, how they spend their waiting time. Callers no longer need to wait on hold until their call is answered. A virtual placeholder saves their place in the queue, or calls them back at a more convenient time.


Of course, with network-based Automatic Call Distribution your contact center customers no longer need to invest in or maintain local equipment and your on-demand network-based ACD offers greater flexibility and efficiency at a better price.


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Automatic Call Distribution
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