Web-based Agent and Manager Workplace

Within the effECTive® Network-Based Contact Center, there is an optional web-based Agent Workplace which allows agents to process calls, e-mails, faxes and text messages, access key statistics in real time, process caller data, etc. We have designed the workplace to provide the most commonly used functionality of premise-based systems in your network.

With the web-based Agent Workplace, it is easy to transform any PC into a contact center terminal and integrate additional agents at any site worldwide, e.g. to deal with traffic peaks and/or lower costs.

The effECTive® Network-Based Contact Center also offers an optional web-based Manager Workplace that provides the contact center manager with a web-based overview of all current activities any time and from any place. The manager can access performance data down to the level of call detail records. Web-based online monitoring allows application tracking and call statistics in real time. By monitoring the call status, call duration, or number of active calls, the manager gains a better understanding of the way each particular call is handled. Should it be necessary, the manager can also actively participate in the conversation between a caller and an agent or just listen in and coach the agent by "whispering" instructions to the agent which the caller does not hear. Do you want to learn more about our cloud-based Agent-and-Manager Workplace? Contact us.




Call Control Center

The agent uses the call control center for call processing, e.g. rejecting calls, transferring calls, setting up consultation or conference calls, placing the caller on hold or in a specific queue, opening a line for mobile/PBX, disconnecting, etc. Additionally, the agent can also put the caller on a dynamic or static blacklist and initiate call recording.




You would typically include an Agent Directory in your web-based Agent Workplace. It shows the availability of individual agents or managers in real time, along with call status and call duration data. This information helps to highlight any individual concerns. Call interactions e.g. transfers, can be initiated by clicking an available agent or manager. Once calls are completed, the list of recent calls is immediately updated.

In addition to the above, your Agent Workplace might also provide an online Corporate Directory with an internal phonebook, favorites, skill-groups or skill-based destinations, which can be used for call interaction.



Messaging Module

Your web-based Agent Workplace can also allow interaction between agents, managers and skill-groups. For coaching, training and even requests for quick information within the contact center, it is a simple web-based tool which is available independent of time or location. You might include chat functionality which is known to reduce contact center service costs by up to 25%. Agents can handle multiple chats simultaneously (vs. the 2-3 correspondence required to handle most issues via e-mail). Deflecting incoming inquiries to the higher, first-contact-resolution chat channel reduces the total volume of interactions.




You can augment your network-based Agent Workplace to include a module to receive and manage all types of incoming messages, including e-mail, voice messages, SMS and fax and submits them for routing to the ACD queues.

Messages created through web and IVR applications can be routed according to the parameters set by those applications. Other incoming messages can be routed by the default parameters of the mailboxes to which they are addressed and optionally by tools that examine the subject and text, routing by keywords and other customized rules.

You can make real-time reports, historical reports, warnings about missed service commitments and other supervisory tools available for messages in the same manner as for live calls.



Manager Module

The manager or supervisor of a call center can use this module for an overview of all activities.  This allows him/her to react quickly, for example if queue length increases above the norm.

Web-based Agent and Manager Workplace

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