With the effECTive® Network-Based Contact Center, there is an optional reporting module that helps contact centers to improve customer service by making their performance more transparent.

A reporting module integrated into the Agent or Manager Workplace allows you to monitor multiple contact centers and receive early alerts for potential capacity issues.

You can include reporting which also allows the selection of real-time and historical statistics, depending upon current business objectives. Various online statistics are available, including service levels, call arrival, queue time, length of hold time, and abandons. Exportable files or graphic overviews are also possible, as shown in the screenshot below.

Your customer can even assign each statistic a color code in which alerts are sent as text messages or e-mail when predetermined thresholds have been exceeded. With real-time statistics, your customer can optimally allocate available resources. Contact us to learn more.





Real-time and historical statistics and performance reports are available in numerous formats.  If you are a contact center manager, having current data at your fingertips allows you to react quickly to changing circumstances and helps you keep your customer satisfaction in focus.

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