You offer Number Translation Services but your platform has reached end-of-life?

We recently helped a customer facing a similar dilemma.


A leading German carrier used a legacy IN platform for Number Translation Services (NTS). The platform had reached end-of-life, the vendor support agreement had run out and the carrier had to migrate NTS customers with over 200,000 routing plans - as quickly and reliably as possible.


Being sensible, the carrier tendered a next-generation intelligent network to work seamlessly with their legacy switches via a proprietary INAP variant as well as their softswitches via a proprietary SIP variant. The new platform also needed to be IMS-ready and offer a wide range of features for new network-based contact center products.


After winning the tender, ECT provided a new solution at two geographically redundant sites, each capable of running over 300 CAPS of NTS traffic. As the vender of the legacy solution had a proprietary database format, migration of the customer routing and call data records was far from trivial. We analyzed their customer routing plans and data structures and wrote a tailored tool with which we automatically migrated the existing customers.


Today, the carrier uses our Service Creation Environment (SCE) and our comprehensive Network-Based Contact Center (NBCC) application to augment their NTS offering. Their customers create their own routing plans and manage all their inbound calls directly in the browser of their PC and they purchase on-demand contact center seats realized via our network-based Unified Voice and Multimedia Agent Workplace.


Needless to say, business is booming.


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