Network-based Interactive Voice Response

With our effECTive® Visual Call Flow Builder you offer your contact center customers the ability to set up their own network-based interactive voice response from the browser of a PC using a simple graphical user interface. The contact center manager uploads the prompts, configures the call flow and can even activate the IVR changes immediately. Depending on the sophistication of your customer's interactive voice response, you can make it possible to set up the network-based IVR together with the call routing using menus, queries from external database, comparison of values, VoiceXML scriptlets, call recording, automatic speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS), etc. Let us tell you more about Cloud-based IVR.


Main Advantages:

  • Flexible solution managed by the client
  • Ease of use through simple GUI
  • Quickly activate changes
  • Ease of access as web-based

Network-based Interactive Voice Response
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