Network-based Call Recording

Traditionally, interaction recording solutions are used in industries, such as financial services and public safety. For these industries, call recording is often necessary to comply with federal regulations as well as for risk management purposes. Today, a growing number of contact centers have recognized the benefits of recording calls as a safeguard against long, costly litigation. Many organizations now record at least one or all departments for a combination of quality assurance, liability and regulatory purposes.


The effECTive® Network-Based Contact Center can include network-based call recording. You make it possible for the authorized agents of your contact center customer to record, access and monitor calls across multiple locations from anywhere in the world using a browser on a PC. Due to the centralized recording and system administration in your network, network-based call recording is ideal for organizations with multiple remote or satellite locations, branch offices and/or employees working from home.


Network-based call recording saves money by eliminating the need for the installation, management and administration of enterprise equipment at branch locations, while enabling the efficient monitoring of remote and home-based employees. Contact us to learn more.


Call Recording
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