Icon Development Kit (IDK)

Suppose you or one of your customers requires a special Feature Building Block not already available as one of the predefined icons of the effECTive® Visual Call Flow Builder (VCB). Provided you have your own development team familiar with programming principles, the effECTive® Icon Development Kit (IDK) allows you to program your own feature building blocks. The IDK provides a comprehensive library of tried-and-true low level building blocks and service enablers. By using this library, you define new feature building blocks quickly and easily with only limited programming and testing. This allows you to focus on service creation instead of complicated, lower-layer topics, such as telecoms and IT protocols and resource management.

You program your own feature building blocks and make them available to selected customers as new icons in the Visual Call Flow Builder without any need for changes to the core product and with no operational impact on the solution. This allows you to rapidly generate new services and reduces your time to market, whilst simplifying the task of getting your customers' services up and running fast.


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Icon Development Kit
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