effECTive® Televoting - the ECT Mass Calling Platform

With the effECTive® Televoting Service, your customer, a radio or television station or a specialized service provider, can create, manage and monitor televoting campaigns from the browser of a PC in real time. We have designed this solution specifically for premium televoting events with very high call volumes. This service provides the viewers with the possibility to participate in raffles, votings or game shows in an easy and attractive way via telephone call and/or SMS.

Your customer can automatically query individual callers via the interactive voice response to learn and gather more information about customers; in addition, selected calls can be connected to a live agent who conducts commercial transactions with the caller. Each call is registered and each vote is counted, with the results being presented in real time.

Your customer can start and stop televoting campaigns manually, automatically, or remotely via a web interface or SOAP messages. All voting counters are collected and monitored for the campaign. For each campaign stopped, your customer can download a detailed report containing the entire history of the campaign and he can retrieve the campaign results via SOAP, web, e-mail, or text message. For running campaigns, intermediary snapshot reports can be generated and distributed automatically.

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Download: effECTive® Televoting Product Overview


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