We at ECT have the right technology and the wide experience to help you to add real value to the services you provide to each individual customer.


We always focus on optimizing our customer's business case. Our effECTive® product line is based on modules which you adapt so that each of your customers easily finds the features he needs and is willing to pay a premium for. Using our Icon Development Kit, you can also add features tailored to the special needs of individual customers.


For example, we recently provided solutions for two of the largest European service providers specialized in tailored call center solutions. Both had platforms which no longer met the needs of their network and their customers. In each case, we provided a different architecture designed to fit the provider's requirements. One moved to an INtellECT® Next-Generation Intelligent Network; the other one replaced his legacy interconnection switches and attached service nodes with an ECT solution using both SS7 and SIP interconnection with the PTT. Of course, we assisted and continue to assist both providers in defining and developing tailored solutions for their customers' service numbers, network-based interactive voice response and network-based contact centers.


During this same period, we also commissioned for Deutsche Telekom yet another set of state-of-the-art televoting features and a capacity expansion, enabling Deutsch Telekom to implement a tailored solution for a major television station.


Carriers throughout Europe depend on our solutions for number translation services, network-based contact centers, network-based interactive voice response and televoting, such as Completel, Deutsche Telekom, DTMS, IN-telegence, Proximus, Tele2, Versatel, Virgin Media, etc. Through our indirect sales partners, we now offer these products worldwide.


We are also looking forward to making our contribution to the success of your network-based contact center products.


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