You want to offer network-based contact center services with minimal capital expenditures?

One of our oldest and most valued customers offered voice, multimedia and broadband services in their next-generation network. Although they were now targeting B2B products for small and medium sized companies, they were reluctant to invest in a new solution for Number Translation Services (NTS) and Network-Based Contact Centers (NBCC).

We enjoy a challenge! So together with our customer, we elaborated a business case based on a conservative uptake and projected a return on investment of less than 12 months, but times being what they are, their skeptical board of directors were still hesitant to make an investment.

We believe in our ability to make NTS/NBCC services a success and were convinced that our customer could market them successfully. But he didn't want to invest upfront, so we made the business possible without a large upfront investment.

We contracted the new solution using our revenue sharing model.

Our customer paid a one-time setup fee that was less than 20% of the costs of purchasing the solution. We agreed on a flat fee per service number, minute and agent workplace, with a guaranteed minimum monthly revenue share for the contract duration. There were no other fees for capacity expansions and 7 x 24 maintenance services.

To sum it all up: we took on a large part of the risks involved in offering the new contact center services. It paid off - for us and our customer.

From the beginning it was easy for our customer's bid manager to calculate pricing on the flat revenue share fees and bid for large projects without having to consider additional investments for capacity expansions. And as his CAPEX and OPEX were far below other competitors, our customer was able to offer attractive network-based call center products profitably at prices that disrupted the entire market.


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Revenue Sharing
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