You offer Number Translation Services but little or no contact center functionality and want to move up the food chain?

For an existing customer, who offered Number Translation Services (NTS), we identified a possibility to take a share of the market, dominated by vendors of premise-based contact center equipment from companies like Genesys or Avaya. We believed that network-based call center products would support the carrier's strategy to provide a range of unified communications services to their corporate customers.

As the margins for traditional carrier-based revenue streams continued to decrease, the carrier was looking for new hosted products which would enable them to add value to their existing networks. The carrier's solid customer base and extensive distribution channels made our effECTive® Network-Based Contact Center the perfect solution.

In the initial phase, we provided a powerful out-of-the-box Network ACD (skill-based routing), with a Unified Agent Workplace for Voice & Multimedia customer contact. Six months later, the acceptance of our hybrid technology, led to the purchase of a full Service Creation Environment (SCE) and the offering was enhanced with Outbound Campaigns, Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS). The carrier increased the scope to 2,000 network-based agents within 6 months and the service is still growing; we recently completed the second capacity expansion to 100 CAPS.


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