You want to add value from the network to large contact centers with premise-based ACDs and change the revenue stream from premise-based to network-based?

Large corporate customers generally have contact centers with thousands of agents. Many use enterprise equipment from vendors such as Genesys or Avaya. These so-called premise ACDs are typically integrated in the corporate CRM system, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) authentication nodes, workforce management systems and systems for services such as ASR / TTS and Call Recording. Today, there are many contact centers using large enterprise installations that have become highly customized and inflexible over time, making migration to a network-based solution costly and complex.

We can help you to deliver solutions to such enterprise customers. Our technology allows you to deal with challenges such as enterprise only policies or avoiding endless loops (tromboning) for one single call. The greatest benefit however is that we help to achieve improved customer satisfaction whilst at the same time cutting operational costs.

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Network-Based Service
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