Your competitors offer network-based contact centers using a solution from another vendor and you want to offer a competitive product at a better price?

Congratulations! If your competition isn't offering their network-based call center products based on ECT technology, you've got a big opportunity.

Implementing and maintaining network-based contact center products can be complex and above all, expensive.

If you - or worse yet a consultant from your vendor - have to configure the routing and interactive voice response for each of your customers, you know your solution is too complex. This means increased personnel costs and high supplementary costs for professional services. Product changes may only be possible via software upgrades from your vendor.

If you are paying repetitive annual licensing fees, e.g. for agent seats, and have to make major platform migrations to increase your capacity, then it certainly isn't easy to make your business case work.

This is what your competition is probably faced with. If you're looking for an alternative, we're the company to contact for Network-Based Contact Centers.


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